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Zyeq is able to receive returned items if they are unsuitable. For different categories of equipment, however procedures vary.  

The major systems, usually funded by agencies and issued to clients, are available for trial through our Guided Evaluation Scheme.  This scheme is available to ensure a thorough evaluation of the available equipment options prior to making a final selection. As the supply of these devices is usually via a funding agency, the return of an unsuitable system would be to the issuing agency in the first instance.  The return of major systems cannot be accepted for "change of mind".  Refunds for major systems is generally not applicable. 

Selected items are available on a 'sale or return' basis.  Low cost products are not available for short-term trial through our usual 'loan/trial program'.  Instead we offer them on a 'sale or return' basis.  This means they can be purchased and a new complete kit or item is supplied, and if it is unsuitable it can be returned within 14 days.  (Think of the trial period as 10 days to permit adequate postage time). A refund will be provided less the original freight cost and less any 're-stocking fee' applicable. A re-stocking fee applies if packaging or components require replacing. Re-stocking fees may be applied at 15% of the value, as a guide.  If the value of damaged or missing components is higher than this, then the actual cost will be deducted from the refund.  If the device and accessories are returned in resalable condition, a refund will be provided less the original freight charge.  If freight was not itemised on the original invoice - the deduction will be a flat handling fee of $30 (which includes original delivery costs, handling and re-stocking).  This provides the opportunity to try the device while having the option to return it if it is unsuitable (with the exception of voice amplifiers....please read on)  Please read on regarding VOICE AMPLIFIERS, which are not offered in this category.  Voice amplifiers are offered in our trial program, and we prefer that they are trialled with a Speech Pathologist supervising the use and appropriateness.  

VOICE AMPLIFIERS are not offered in this category. While they may be purchased and returned the issues of 'used' microphones (and windsheilds) presents a hygiene issue.  If voice amplifiers are purchased on a 'sale or return' basis we reserve the right to refuse return of the microphone if it is not returned in resalable condition.  This aspect of the payment will not be refunded, and the microphone returned the the purchaser.  Our loan equipment is disinfected between uses and it is "used' equipment.  New equipment must be new.  

VOICE AMPLIFIER trials.  Please be assured that a voice amplifier trial is very worthwhile.  A Speech Pathologist can assist first with advice about whether this is the appropriate solution to a voice disorder.  An alternative treatment approach may be recommended.  Although a voice amplifier may appear to be a simple piece of equipment, it does require correct positioning and adjustment and consideration of when, where and how it will be used.  A Speech Pathologist can assist with these aspects of using the aid, for a more successful outcome.  In our experience voice amplifiers purchased without Speech Pathologist support by private individuals and without due consideration and trial find themselves returning the equipment.  We would prefer to avoid these unsuccessful experiences by re-directing interest in the voice amplifiers to a trial. 

HEAD POINTERS:  Head pointers are not available through our trial scheme. The headpointer can be purchased through the "sale or return" option, however as a 'worn' product hygiene issues are again a concern if the item is returned. If components are not in "new' condition, the head-pointer cannot be returned.  Elements can be individually replaced such as the chin cup, or velcro straps.  If elements need to be replaced the cost of these items will be deducted from the refund. 

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