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Selected products are available through our resellers listed here.

Most resellers select the products from our range that they wish to offer.  
Many products are available exclusively through Zyteq and are not available through our reseller network.

Zyteq is the importer and appointed dealer for the majority of our products.  When a product is purchased through a ZYTEQ reseller, the reseller orders it from Zyteq.  Zyteq ships it to the reseller who then onsells the product.  In many cases Zyteq provides the repair services and in all cases deals with any warranty claims. All products available through our resellers are also available directly from Zyteq. (This excludes Ablenet products which are dealt with directly with Ablenet by each company).  You may choose to purchase through a reseller for any number of reasons, for example, because you already have a relationship with the company, because you are purchasing a list of items and wish to source them from one contact, because the company provides special support or expertise you require and so on. 

Communicate AT, PO Box 389, BROOKVALE BC NSW 2100, p: 02 9948 2665, f: 02 9948 2669, m: 0426 984 100, Email: support@communicateAT.com.au

LINK-AT Adelaide, S.A. Phone: 0450 460 668 Fax: 08 8278 8671 email: office@linkassistive.com , website: http://linkassistive.com/

TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS Australia 109 Ferndale Road SILVAN VIC 3795 Phone: (03) 9737 9000 Fax: (03) 9737 9111

Please note: if you own or support a ZYTEQ product which was supplied through Spectronics, we are happy for you to contact us directly for repairs, replacement items or support.

If you need more help please contact us.

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