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Installation & Set-up

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Equipment may require installation, set-up and configuration for an individual. This is most common with the eye gaze systems if the camera is being installed on a computer which is not supplied by Zyteq.

The ideal Installation & Set-up session would be held at the home, school or centre where the client and equipment is located.  The regular support people and local therapists will be required to attend at least the ‘set-up’ part of the session so that the day-to-day configurations and requirements are understood and can be carried out if required at some point in the future. 

Installation and Set-up services are general not included in the price of the system. 

  • Installation and Set-up rates are $160 per hour with a minimum of 2.5 hours. 
  • Training rates per hour is $160
  • Travel costs
  • Accommodation allowance


  • 1 x Installation and set-up session plus 3 training session of 1.5 hours
  • 1 x Installation and set-up session plus 1 training session of 2 hours
  • other options by negotiation

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Please contact Zyteq to request a quote.

As our consultants are located around Australia, travel and accommodation costs may or may not apply.

If you need more help please contact us.

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