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BJ Toybox

Toybox allows you to easily control up to 4 toys and/or switch adapted devices from your computer. With 4 output switches it can be controlled using software included or from other applications such as MS PowerPoint®, The Grid 2 and more.

  • Create amazing cause and effect activities.
  • Use ToyBox to reinforce the right response in games and activities.
  • Create very attractive effects with snoezelen devices, for example with bubble tubes.
  • Take your first steps to control your environment while having fun.
  • Control electrical appliances from your computer combining ToyBox with the Participation Box.
  • Control devices and accessories from your wheelchair or anywhere!
  • No need to connect 4 devices! Just with one and your imagination, you will carry out very interesting activities.
  • Plug & Play USB device.
  • 4 switch outputs: 3,5 mm connector jack.
  • Four 1,80 m plug-plug cables included.
  • ToyBox software included.
  • Possibility to create shortcuts to functions.
  • Easily integrated with MS PowerPoint ®, The Grid 2 or any other software that allows the execution of an external application.
  • 3 possible control methods: direct, timed and latched (On/Off).

User's Guide: [PDF DOWNLOAD]

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