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Equipment Trial and Loan: Guided Evaluation

Equipment Trial Scheme - Australia only

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How to trial Electronic Assistive Tcehnology

An important part of choosing the right assistive technology for any individual, is the opportunity to try the equipment.  The process of finding the assistive technology of "best fit" may require comparison between devices, and a thorough evaluation in day to day contexts. Here at zyteq we recognise this crucial step in the selection process by making many of our assistive technology systems available for short-term trial.

The options for trialling equipment are:

  • Free short-term trial (usually 1 or 2 weeks) with cost of returning equipment to be covered by borrower.  Must be supervised by primary clinician.  Waiting times apply.
  • Hire for short-term trial (usually 2 or 4 weeks). Available sooner as equipment is sourced from different loan pool.  Clinical and independent trials are available for selected devices. 
  • Purchase and Return - equipment can be purchased and returned within a specified time frame (usually 10 days) and refunded (less any re-stocking and freight charges) if not required.
  • Supported Assessment trial - this is the provision of 1 or 2 devices to a clinician to carry out an assessment with a client.

Our trial programs for the high tech devices include support and guidance throughout the evaluation period.  Our experience in operating our 'loan program' over many years has highlighted a clear need for additional support to ensure that the evaluation process is positive and successful for the client and the client's team.  The definition of successful trial' means meeting the goals of the evaluation.

Our aim is to ensure that as the primary clinician or therapist supervising the trial, we support you in all aspects of the trial including:

  • When determining which assistive technology to trial, it is important to establish that the systems selected meet the client's requirements, as much as can be determined ahead of the trial.
  • It is also useful to discuss and document the aims of the trial at this stage.  We can assist with this step by combining our knowledge of the assistive technology with the information about the client's needs, abilities and requirements.
  • The checklist that we have available for use at the end of the trial can be reviewed at this point, as this can also assist with formulating the goals of the evaluation.
  • At the time of booking the assistive technology required for trial, we will discuss any preliminary steps to implement prior to the trial.
  • Before the equipment is sent out we will assist with supplying any information, demo software, training and support on software as required.
  • We will ensure equipment is received prior to the scheduled appointment with your client in which the device will be introduced.  If any assistance is required during this opportunity to familiarise yourself with the equipment we can offer support via phone or a
  • SKYPE call.  It may be important to set up the device before seeing the client in some cases.  In all cases it will be necessary to know what options are available and how to set up the equipment for different scenarios.  We are available to assist with any information or training required so that is the supervising therapist you feel comfortable and confident with the options available.
  • Once the device has been introduced to the client, it is usual for more questions to arise.  The client may want a different voice; or to know if the device has other functions and so on.  These questions may not have been preempted in the earlier steps, and we would certainly like to help by ensuring you have all the correct answers to the clients questions; and knowledge of how to set up the device to meet the client's needs and preferences.
  • Towards the end of the trial period you will no doubt be wanting to come to a conclusion about the assistive technology and its suitability and 'best fit' for this client. We have a checklist to assist you in this process.  We are also available to work through this with you over the phone.

Zyteq has a range of equipment available for short-term loan only, for the following purposes:

  • to enable a person to try the equipment to see if it is a suitable
  • for support people to experience programming and setting up the device to determine if this process is manageable
  • to replace a piece of equipment which is being repaired by Zyteq (subject to availability and not necessarily the identical model). A hire fee applies where loan equipment is to replace equipment being repaired.
  • Note: long term loan is not available. 


The current FREE program operates very much on an "honour" system.The premise underlying Zyteq's loan equipment, made available through our Guided Evaluation program is that the 'loan request' is genuine and made in good faith.  By this we mean that the borrower genuinely wishes to fully explore the capabilities of the system borrowed to determine whether it may be the most suitable device for the client. Many of the high tech devices require a "team approach" to ensure successful implementation, support, updating and trouble-shooting.  Although most devices are relatively straight-forward to set-up and support, it has been shown that inadequate support and knowledge may lead to device "abandonment".  Hasty device selection, a lack of agreement in goals, lack of knowledge or training in customising software or device setting options may all be factors contributing to device "abandonment".  Underlying this situation is often selection of a device which does not best meet the needs, skills and preferences of the user.  Selection of an unsuitable device is something we aim to prevent for the benefit of all stakeholders.  Where the clinicians are required to write the reports for funding applications so it makes sense that the therapist supervises the trial from start to finish.  In borrowing equipment from Zyteq, however, Zyteq will require the contact details for a therapist working within an organisation. If this is not possible or desirable then we can discuss alternative trial options to see which best suits the situation for trialling the equipment such as "sale or return".  Zyteq staff reserve the right to conclude that a specific equipment request is not appropriate, and a booking request declined. Special conditions apply to the borrowing of the eye gaze systems.  These can be discussed at the time of enquiring.

How the Loan Scheme Operates

A Trial Application form can be completed online.  Alternatively please contact Zyteq to make a request to borrow equipment. The contact person's name is placed on the waiting list. Waiting times can vary greatly depending on the demand of a particular type of equipment. Waiting time may be from a few days to a number of months.  By preference the contact person should be a clinician, however in some cases direct loans can be made to families and individuals. The contact person will be telephoned when the name has reached the top of the list to be advised that the loan unit will be available soon and to arrange delivery.

Touch screen/tablet speech generating devices - to ensure that the equipment is used to it's greatest benefit during the loan period, we can assist to prepare the communication software ahead of the loan.  In this way any programming and editing can be carried out prior to receiving the equipment.  Any customised displays can be transferred to the device on loan.  This may not be necessary if one of the sample pages is suitable 'out of the box'. 

The loan unit will usually be Express Posted to a postal address, or occassionally couriered to a street address (overnight or road service if Australia post is unsuitable) or personally delivered by a Zyteq representative together with a training session if this has been previously arranged. For the trial period, initial training may be provided in some cases. Ongoing support is available via the FREECALL phone number or a local call if in Melbourne.

Low cost items:

Low cost products are not available for short-term trial through our usual 'loan/trial program'.  Instead we offer them on a 'purchase or return' basis.  This means they can be purchased and a new complete kit or item is supplied, and if it is unsuitable it can be returned within 10 days.  A refund will be provided less the original freight cost and less any 're-stocking fee' applicable. A re-stocking fee applies if packaging or components require replacing.  If the device and accessories are returned in resaleable condition, a refund will be provided less the original freight charge.  This provides the opportunity to try the device while having the option to return it if it is unsuitable.

Trial Period

The trial period varies depending on the item borrowed. Touch-screen devices, Allora 2, voice amplifiers, ProxTalker and ProxPads for up to 1 or 2 weeks and other equipment according to the list or by negotiation. Trial periods are subject to the waiting list at the time. It is important that the loan equipment is utlised over a period when therapy support is available.  It is usually not possible to pay a fee to extend the loan.  Usually others are waiting, so using the short loan period as intensively and effectively as possible should be the aim.

If the equipment being trialled is based on editable software such as Grid 3 or Mind Express 4 we will discuss with you downloading and installing the software ahead of the trial.  It will be important to select a vocabulary/grid set and carry out any customisations ahead of the trial period.  The grid set can be emailed to Zyteq as an attachment and installed ready for the trial.  Further amendments and programming can be made once the trial device arrives but the majority of programming should be completed before receiving the equipment.  The trial period should be about the application of the device, with preparation being carried out prior to the loan period.  

Any assistance and support around programming the software shohuld also be arranged and sought prior to the trial period.  When arranging a trial this will be discussed and remote support sessions booked ahead of the trial as required. We would like to minimise urgent calls for support made during the trial period, as this usually means that the system cannot be implemented and trialled as planned.


Cost varies accordng to which program is being used to trial the equipment. 

Hire costs can be viewed at this link

Evaluation session costs can be viewed at this link

Terms of the Loan

The equipment MUST be returned by the agreed return date, and it MUST be either posted by REGISTERED POST or couriered by a reputable courier company or personally delivered to Zyteq in Port Melbourne (by appointment). Please obtain quotes from courier companies especially if you do not have an account. Post is usually more cost effective. After the agreed return date, a period of a few days grace will be given, following which a fee of $100.00 per week will be charged for late return of loan equipment, for 4 weeks, followed by an invoice for the retail value of the item, less any fees paid. If there are any difficulties with operating the equipment during the loan period, or in returning it by the agreed date, the borrower MUST contact Zyteq immediately. If a loan of a week or so is not appropriate, another option is an 'on the spot' equipment trial or evaluation session. This is a brief opportunity for the potential user to try the equipment on the spot. It is not left with the individual for trial using this option. Usually this would happen when a Zyteq staff member is in your region and able to bring the equipment to you. This is readily available in Melbourne and by negotiation for interstate and country Victoria regions. This is an ideal method to have the equipment presented in a comprehensive manner with accessories and options available and fully explained. Please note: this is not an assessment for equipment.  Please see other services for additional options.

Equipment available for short-term trial

Speech Generating Devices

  • Allora 2
  • Grid Pad Go 8
  • Grid Pad Go 10
  • Grid Pad Eye 11
  • Grid Pad Eye 13
  • Grid Pad Pro 11
  • LightWRITER SL40 CONNECT (limited)
  • Mobi 3
  • Mobi 3 IntelliGaze (Mind Express & Grid )
  • Proxtalker
  • ProxPad (with Single Message Kit)
  • Smart 3
  • Tellus 4 (limited/conditional as superseded model)
  • Tellus 5
  • Tellus 4 IntelliGaze (limited/conditional as superseded model)
  • Tellus 5 IntelliGaze
  • Accessories for speech generating devices (only with the device)
  • carry bags
  • keyguards (only with the device)
  • switches (see below)

Computer Access & Eye Gaze

  • IntelliGaze CAM30NT eye gaze camera (available for short-term hire with Sahara tablet)
  • EyeTech TM5 Mini

Speech Amplifiers

  • ZaVox Reo

Environmental Control

  • Control PROG
  • Progress Star
  • Big Jack

Switches and Accessing

(switches are usually only available with our other systems or under "sale or return")

  • helpi-joy
  • click switch
  • Buddy button
  • string switch
  • lolly switch
  • tread switch
  • jelly bean switch
  • candy corn proximity switch
  • pikobutton 30 or 50 mm
  • pushbutton switch
  • lever switch (short)
  • leaf switch (short or long)
  • smoothie switch
  • Switch Assessment Kit  (hire)

Other Items

Some other items available by negotiation if required with our major systems e.g. mounts, various cables etc.
Loan terms, conditions and the list of available items are subject to change without notice.

Items Available on 'Sale or Return' terms

(see above for terms and conditions)

  • Talk Trac
  • SuperTalker
  • n-Abler Pro
  • Step-by-Step
  • switches
  • modhose mount
  • and all other low cost items

Please download links to trial software:

The Grid 3

Mind Express 4

Clicker 7

Dotty Games

Look to Learn

If you need more help please contact us.

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