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Allora 2 now with 3G for your SMS

3G is here! Allora 2 ordered now supplied with 3G GSM. Upgrades to 2G units available soon for existing units!

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Bobcat is here!  Bobcat is rugged and tough!

Bobcat is a Windows 10, 10 inch tablet which must be the most rugged available!  With Grid 3 or Mind Express 4.

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AGOSCI tour > Linda Burkhart > product list

View equipment and links for products used at Linda’s AGOSCI tour.

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Free Download & new online course: AT ACTION PLAN

Free Download: Zyteq AT Maintenance & Management Guide & new online course: AT ACTION PLAN

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SPECIAL OFFER eye gaze tablet bundles

Eye Gaze tablet bundles with high powered tablet, 3 USB ports, supplied and set-up with IntelliGaze.  SEE VIDEO OF NEW INTELLIGAZE V4.2 communication

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Talking Mats Training - registration now open!

People with communication difficulties give more views & opinions using Talking Mats.  Become a certified in using Talking Mats.

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Grid Pad Go 8 “new generation”

Rugged, Windows 10 and powered by Grid 3. Slim-line tablet solution. Now available!

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Clicker 7

The complete literacy toolkit now available from Zyteq.  New eye gaze access! More accessible, user-friendly and customisable Download to trial..

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Need help with your device, system or software?

Support and Training Plans to suit a range of requirements. When you need to know that you can call someone for assistance.

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PODD now includes PODD15 and PODD60

PODD for Grid 2 and 3 now include all PODD15 and PODD60 grid sets. If you own PODD15 simply download PODD60 and its yours!

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ZYTEQ Assistive Technologies

Welcome to Zyteq!

Zyteq is an independent Australian specialist company offering Assistive Technologies and services for communication, rehabilitation, special education and technology access. Zyteq's range of products focuses on high quality Assistive Technologies and associated services developed especially to provide solutions and assistance to individuals of all ages. Zyteq's products provide communication using devices with voice output, access to computers, tablets and ipads and options to control appliances around the house. These assistive technologies assist to increase and improve functional capabilities and maintain skills.  Outcomes include participation, independence, inclusion and achievement in education, home, work, leisure activities or social life.  Zyteq is a registered N.D.I.S. provider.  Our team of qualified professionals looks forward to assisting you.

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Zyteq AT Maintenance & Managament Guide

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Clicker 7 available from Zyteq

The complete accessible literacy tool for all students. Download your free trial here. 

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Premium Plans - Support, Training and Maintenance

Help is here!

Please check out our new annual plans, or Single Event support.

Grid Player and Grid 3

Free Downloads

Grid Player is a free App for the ipad, iPhone or iPod Touch. It is downloaded from the iTunes store. The Grid 3 is a Windows program.

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