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This Page contains general assistance relating to all devices.

When you purchase from Zyteq, or nominate us as the supplier in your application for funding we will support the ongoing use of the equipment in our mission to make sure that everything runs smoothly

The PRODUCT-SPECIFIC SUPPORT can be found under the SUPPORT tab for each product.  Instructions and assistance is provided online for COMMON OPERATIONS and TROUBLE-SHOOTING. NOTE: it may be the case that something you think is a fault is in fact a function of the equipment which has been inadvertently activated. If the unit is essentially working, please check the RESETS to default settings first.

We offer:

Phone support - a freecall number is available for 'over the phone' assistance, trouble-shooting and for any questions you may have.

Online support - instruction guides and tip sheets, downloads, useful resources or information which is available at any time.

Remote access  - to your Windows -based tablet device using Teamviewer (Tellus 4, Tellus 4 Intelligaze, Mobi 2, Mobi 2 Intelligaze, Powerbox MOTION, PowerBox MOTION Access)

Skype video support - "a picture tells 1000 words"

Face to face training and support  - in your own environment with your team, by appointment when we are in your region.  Please see SERVICES for further information.  Alternatively Skype can be used for on-line video support.

Ongoing training and support packages – please see SERVICES for options.  These are paid training sessions which may be arranged at the time of purchase or at any time after purchase.

At any time, you can ring and chat with us. Have your equipment in front of you and we will try some quick trouble shooting on the spot to get things on track again.  See requirements below for phone support.

The types of support available are: 

Level 1 support: This level of support is included in the purchase of your device from Zyteq.  It covers basic issues and questions of a straight-forward and simple nature.  Analysis of the problem or question will determine whether the issue in within the scope of this level of support.  A more complex issue may indicate a training need which needs to be addressed in a more comprehensive and methodical way. Level 1 training is usually provided as SUPPORT and forms the basis of our daily interactions from the office.  When you call you will usually be able to speak to an experienced Speech Pathologist who is an expert in the product you have.  Emails are also answered by the same experienced Speech Pathologists.  Resources are available in the form of PDF downloads from the SUPPORT tabs under PRODUCTS on this website.  Additional resources are often developed for a specific need and added to the ever-growing list.

Level 2 support: This level of support is for questions and issues at the middle-range of complexity. This level would also be appropriate where there is a frequent and regular need for support including basic questions.  
These questions will be dealt with using the following procedure:

  • An ACTION REFERENCE will be assigned to your query.
  • Your name and contact details will be recorded.
  • The device or software name will be required.
  • Serial number of device will be required.
  • The query will be clearly agreed and stated
  • The query will be analysed to determine the type of response required.
  • An email or phone call will follow-up with action plan and extimated time-line.
  • The query will be followed-up as agreed and response provided.
  • Thie ACTION Reference will be closed once this specific query has received a response and follow-up to ensure it has been completed.

The response may vary from an email or phone call or an appointment for a training session either in person or by phone or Skype may be suggested, so we may dedicate the time and expertise to best address the issue.  It may also be appropriate to proceed to purchase of a Support or Training Package to allocate the required time to achieve the goals.  Level 2 support and training sessions are held at no cost, at your facility, when a representative is in your region if possible. Sessions may be held for small groups or sometimes larger group meetings are arranged at a central location for people with a common interest.  If this is not possible then a phone or Skype call may be able to be held more efficiently.

Level 3 support: This level of support is for issues requiring advanced or complex questions or issues.  Once analysis has taken place it may be recommended to proceed to purchase of a Support or Training Package so that the necessary time and expertise can be allocated.  Support and Training Packages may also be purchased with devices and systems to ensure time is allocated to this learning ahead of issues or needs arising.

The most appropriate format for training may depend on the individual situation, the availability of Zyteq consultants, and the item of equipment or software which will be the focus of the training. 

Before You Ring

You are always welcome to ring for assistance, but please have the device in front of you and have the serial number accessible before ringing.

For devices with a touch screen (PowerBoxes, Tellus 4, Mobi 2, Zingui, Smart 2) please be ready with:

  • Your device serial number
  • Internet access

1. I have a device and it is behaving unexpectedly

Please go to the SUPPORT page for the product you have and try the most common strategies. All the Speech Generating Devices are computer based products.  A quick fix can often be to reset the unit.  With products that are based on Windows operating system, a first step to try is a complete shut-down (not just to stand-by) and restart; check power/charging and any connections of switches, etc. Restart and see if the problem persists.

2. I don't know how to perform an action on the device I am setting up

Have you checked the manual? Still no luck? Try the regular solutions to common actions by selecting the relevant device from the support menu. Do please ring though as frequently once you know the name of the operation we can then set you on the right path using your manual.

3. The device I have seems to need repair

Please check section 1. here for trouble-shooting strategies you may be able to carry out first. Please telephone to discuss the device and the problem before sending it to be repaired. Devices sent for technical work where ' no fault is found' are still invoiced for costs incurred. Please do not attempt 'home repairs' nor use unauthorised repairers.  Please check the information on REPAIRs for further instructions. If it is obvious a device requires repair, for example if some part of the device is clearly broken or damaged, then please follow the procedure for returning devices for repair.

4. What is the best care and maintenance for my device?

Each type of system is different so please choose your device from the PRODUCTS section in this website and then check the manual under SUPPORT for the recommended care and maintenance routines. Proper care and maintenance can prevent the need for some repairs. Rechargeable batteries will always need replacing after a number of cycles.  Please also ensure chargers are well maintained.  Please replace chargers if pins push in or casing is broken.  Carry bags and keycovers can be wiped and hand-washed.

If you need more help please contact us.

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