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Grid Sets

Premium Grid Sets have been carefully designed and authored by experts within the field of AAC. They are ready to use. Personalise too!
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Premium Plans - Support, Training & Maintenance

Support and Training Plans to suit a range of requirements from "per event" to "comprehensive". When you need to know that you can call someone for assistance.
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Inclusive Eye Gaze: Attention & Looking

First steps to eye gaze including 16 activities
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Inclusive Eye Gaze: Choosing and Learning software

18 activities designed for eye gaze access, to prepare eye gaze users for further communication and learning.
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Inclusive Eye Gaze Learning Curve

Inclusive Eye Gaze Learning Curve provides 3 software suites containing 54 eye gaze activities
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Classroom Suite by Ablenet

Classroom Suite plus three additional powerful template tools: Primary Skills Builder, MathTutor, and ReadingTutor. Pre-made accessible educational activities & template tools.
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Phonics For All - Grid Set for Grid 2

A Grid Set for Grid 2 for learning literacy using phonics. Author Marion Stanton is a Special Needs Teacher & AAC practitioner with AT accreditation in UK.
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Grid 3

Grid 3 Australian - now available in Australia! The new generation Grid software is more powerful and features easy-editing, appealing interface and new features!
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Clicker 7

Clicker 7 - the complete literacy toolkit for students of all ages, with access including touchscreen, switch, eye gaze and SuperKeys.
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Picture Communication Symbols PCS

PCS symbols for Grid 3, Grid 2 and Mind Express 4 can be added if required.
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Linda Burkhart’s Switch Activities for Mind Express 4

Linda Burkhart's Switch Activities for Mind Express 4
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The Grid 2

This has taken off all over the world as the leading software for AAC communication and alternative access. Powerful and versatile to meet the widest range of individual set-ups.
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Mind Express 4

The new Mind Express 4 is a powerful AAC software including communication, computer access, calendar functions for symbols, text and spelling; compatible with many access options.
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WordPower 100

An additional pre-programmed grid-set for The Grid 2
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Grid Player

Grid Player is a free APP for the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.
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Powerful software to assist with reading, writing and spelling difficulties in people of all ages.
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PODD for The Grid 2 and Grid 3

PODD is a grid set for The Grid 2 and Grid 3, based on the well known Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display communication books, by Gayle Porter.
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Look to Learn (and Scenes & Sounds)

Look to Learn software for Windows PC and our devices (Mobi 2, Tellus 4) for starting eye-gaze control. New "Scenes and Sounds" add-on suite.
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Dwell Clicker 2

Dwell Clicker 2 provides on-screen mouse emulation. A companion to Tracker Pro. Free download or purchase advanced features.
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Avaz is a full featured Australianised App app for iPad, providing word and symbol based communication vocabulary in addition to text-to-speech message generation.
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Grid 3 and GridPlayer: Download Guide

Download Grid Player for iPad and Grid 3 for Windows computers - and start AAC today!
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Trial Equipment Application Form

To book your trial equipment please link directly to the Application Form

QUICK LINK. Please call to discuss which equipment will be most suitable to trial.

Grid Player and Grid 3

Free Downloads

Grid Player is a free App for the ipad, iPhone or iPod Touch. It is downloaded from the iTunes store. The Grid 3 is a Windows program.

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