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Relax by Ablenet

An "easy tech" trainable remote
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Servus 11 Environment Control

Based on a Windows tablet running Grid 3 with in-built ECU, the Servus provides a flexible, accessible and state-of-the art system.
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BJ Control Button

These 6 buttons allow for control of household devices in the easiest way.
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BJ Control Pro

Control any household device in an integrated and accessible manner with the Control pro
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BJ Control USB

Control any device you want in the comfort of your own home, from your computer using this personalised remote control.
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Control PROG

The Control PROG offers many functions with reliability, durability and compatibility with most remote controls for 'learning'. Direct membrane keyboard or switch access.
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BigJack PROG

BigJack is a simple, robust trainable infra-red transmitter. Use 1 to 6 switches to control functions. Macros or sequences can be assigned to one switch.
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PowerLink 4 Control Unit

Adapts mains powered appliances to switch accessible, for independence, participation, fun and functionality.
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Progress Star

This is a small USB device used to transmit infra-red codes from your computer (Windows PC only) using PROGress software
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A very simple trainable infra-red remote control. A push-button PROG, programmable with just one function.
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MicroJack PROG IR-3SP

A very simple trainable infra-red remote control.
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Mini Beamer Wireless Switch & Transmitter

A small wireless transmitter which acts as a proximity switch or can be connected to a wired switch. Pair with Ablenet wireless receiver for operation of switch accessible devices.
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Simple trainable remote with direct access only. Discontinued. One remaining ex-demo/loan unit.
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Grid Player and Grid 3

Free Downloads

Grid Player is a free App for the ipad, iPhone or iPod Touch. It is downloaded from the iTunes store. The Grid 3 is a Windows program.

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