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Micro Light Switch (Ablenet)

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Micro Light Switch (Ablenet)

A feather-light small mechanical switch with auditory and tactile feedback.

A small wired, mechanical switch requiring very light  pressure to activate.

  • The actvating surface measures 45 mm x 18 mm.
  • Easily activated with finger or chin. Includes five colored stickers.
  • Activating force is 10 grams. (for comparison purposes, the Jelly Bean switch requires 71 gms of force)
  • Auditory and tactile feedback.
  • A small threaded hole in the base can be used for mounting.

Activating surface: 45 mm x 13 mm

Activating Force: 10 grams

Travel before activation: 7mm

Mounting: small thread in base

Connection: wired, 3.5 mm phono 

Feedback: auditory and tactile

Supplied with:

Ablenet general single switch instructions

4 coloured labels to change the appearance of the activating plate 

A foam base self-stick base label

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58500 Micro Light switch by Ablenet

Micro Light switch (Ablenet) with coloured labels.
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