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Help My Device Isn’t Working As Expected

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If you are having problems with your device > PLEASE TRY THESE STEPS FIRST
  1. Check power to the device
  2. Check connections and cables
The next steps relate to Windows tablet based devices:
  1. RESTART using correct Windows Shut Down (not just pressing the On/Off buttons)
  2. Double-check settings in the software once restarted.
  3. Update Grid Software
  4. Test the tablet function using the touch-screen directly - bypassing any access method to help determine which element is causing the problem.
  5. Try a fresh Grid Set and see if this works - one of the standard grid sets that has not been editted.
  6. If you are still having problems > check the Smartbox knowledge base at this link
  7. At the Smartbox website you will also see the Live Chat.  This is available during British Business Hours (so usually evening, night and very early morning for Australians). You can use the Live chat to connect directly to Smartbox outside of Australian business hours if you have questions.

If you have tried ALL of the above: 
Please follow the link here to book in a 15 minute level 1 support call to determine the issue. The technician may be able to solve the problem during this time or we may need to book in a further support session. This may be a complimentary appointment as part of your purchase or premium plan or may be a paid support session. 

If you need more help please contact us.

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