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Transit Accessory Kit - Light

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Transit Accessory Kit - Light

This transit - accessory kit is designed for portability and convenience. The combined Logitech keyboard with trackpad is more compact for editting devices on the run.  The Targus carry bag can store the device plus keyboard and other accessories for transit.  As the case has soft sides (compared with the Aluminium case and wheeled Pilot's case we also offer) we strongly recommend protecting the devices display when using this case.  

Included in this Transit Accessory Kit:

  • Targus Laptop carry bag with shoulder strap, carry handle, internal and external pockets.
  • Logitech combined Bluetooth keyboard with in-built trackpad.
  • USB memory stick

This kit is designed for "light" use. 

The keyboard is a generic consumer product and is not intended for "heavy" use.


  • The carry bag is soft-sided.
  • Chargers should not be packed against the display
  • The bag should not be suspended so it can freely swing into obstacles which may damage the display or device.
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TAK-L Transit Accessory Kit - LIGHT

Targus Laptop style carry bag, Logitech keyboard/trackpad and USB memory stick.
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