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TCL Mini Voice Amplifier - replacement items only

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TCL Mini Voice Amplifier - replacement items only

DISCONTINUED.  Replacement microphones and chargers available. This voice amplifier is a small, lightweight, portable aid that is worn on the body. 

This voice amplifier is a small, lightweight, portable aid that is worn on the body. It may be useful for people who have low volume speech. The voice amplifier amplifies the speech. Only outgoing breath, such as a whisper, is necessary and the TCL voice amplifier will do the rest. Using an amplifier can help to prevent vocal abuse. Anyone who has a very quiet or weak voice may find the amplifier useful. The volume of speech is amplified through the speaker with no change to clarity. The TCL amplifier is supplied with a waist strap and a belt clip. The unit can be worn easily and comfortably. A Speech Pathologist should be consulted to determine suitability.


The TCL voice amplifier is generally used by people who have a voice disorder resulting from Parkinson's Disease and Motor Neurone Disease or other conditions in which the voice may become inaudible. Others who are currently finding the voice amplifier useful are people who need to talk for long periods or raise their voices for specific activities. We know of classroom teachers who use voice amplifiers to prevent vocal abuse caused by straining the voice. The volume of speech may be restricted by a range of conditions and the TCL voice amplifier can be used to amplify speech regardless of the cause.

It can be worn around the waist on the belt supplied. A microphone is plugged into the amplfier and positioned close to the mouth. The microphone cable can be worn under clothing.

POWER: It is powered by 6 x AAA batteries. Either alkaline batteries or rechargeable batteries may be used. A charger is supplied to recharge rechargeable batteries while in the unit. The TCL voice amp should be turned OFF between periods of use to conserve battery life.

MICROPHONES: A choice of microphone is available. The headset microphone, lapel and transdermal microphones are the options.

HEADSET microphone: The best amplification results are achieved with this microphone positioned close to the mouth. The 10 cm gooseneck enables accurate positioning. The headband is worn at the back of the head and over the ears, and sits comfortably even with head movement.

LAPEL microphone: The lapel microphone can be hand-held close to the mouth during use. If positioned on the lapel it is usually ineffective in picking up a low volume voice. The microphone needs to be positioned as close to the mouth as possible.

THROAT microphone: This is a 'contact' microphone or ' transdermal' microphone that uses a method of induction that picks up voice signals through vibrations in the neck. The result is clear communication without any background noise from the environment, although bodily noises, such as swallowing may also be amplified. This microphone has dual transponders for increased clarity.

Pictured under IMAGES are the microphone options.

One dial controls ON/OFF and volume. An LED indicates when the unit is ON. Output is x watts. The TCL voice amp can be ordered with the headset microphone, lapel microphone, transdermal microphone or all options. Each unit is supplied with: the waist belt, belt clip, batteries, charger, manual.

How to buy:

  • Please choose your preferred microphone and add this to the base unit with accessories.


As at February 2014 this product is no longer available. Replacement microphones and chargers can be supplied.

  • dimensions | 115 x 80 x 35 mm
  • weight | 220 gms
  • power | 6 x AAA alkaline batteries or 6 x AAA rechargeable batteries
  • power supply | 250mA at 9VDC - for charging rechargeable battery in situ.
  • volume | dial control
  • output | 6 Watt

supplied with

waist belt
belt clip
microphone (headset or transdermal or lapel or all)
rechargeable batteries ( 6 x AAA)
battery charger

Part Code Part Name / Description Price GST
Replacement Items
VOC030 Lapel Microphone

Lapel microphone (hand-held) only - for TCL or Zavox Reo voice amplifier
[Delivery Included in Pricing]

$233 $0.00
Purchase / Quote
TCL-VAMP-H/SET-AVI Headset Microphone

TCL - headset microphone - deluxe, black. for TCL or Zavox Reo voice amplifier (headset only)
[Delivery Included in Pricing]

$143 $0.00
Purchase / Quote
TCL-VAMP-T/MIC Transdermal (Throat) Microphone

TCL - throat microphone only - for TCL or Zavox Reo voice amplifier. Amplifier not included
[Delivery Included in Pricing]

$173 $0.00
Purchase / Quote
ZV-REO-MIC Unilateral microphone for voice amplifier, Zavox or TCL

Microphone for voice amplifier; unilateral earpiece; beige; for LEFT ear positioning.
[Delivery Included in Pricing]

$93 $0.00
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Replacement charger for TCL voice amplifier
Delivery Included in Pricing

$70 $0.00
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